South Africa

Braemore’s South African strategy is firmly founded on its rights to the Mintek’s patented ConRoast technology which has some major advances over the much older technologies used by the large platinum companies for recovering platinum group metals. A 100% owned subsidiary, Braemore Platinum Smelters has an exclusive world wide licence from Mintek to process PGM concentrates.

ConRoast is not only cheaper and cleaner than present technology, it also allows more effective recovery of PGMs from concentrates from ores, especially the extensive UG2 reef which is high in chromite, low in base metal sulphide and requires higher melting temperatures.

ConRoast was developed, tested, proved and patented by Mintek, South Africa’s metallurgical research organisation, which has given Braemore exclusive world wide rights for 7 years following a three-year development program.

Our initial strategy is to build a smelter to serve emerging platinum companies that are currently obliged to turn to the majors for processing their products. However it is intended that this will be accompanied by the acquisition of mining and exploration rights in partnership with other mining companies.

We see significant opportunities as there are some 26 new platinum projects being developed or on the drawing board, many of which are either dependent on the platinum majors for their smelting or do not yet have such contracts.

Our planning for the ConRoast Technology Agreement signed with Mintek, is for a smelting and base metals refinery complex, capable of treating 360,000 tons of concentrate a year to produce up to 1 million ounces of PGMs, 30,000 tons of nickel and 15,000 tons of copper, depending on the concentrate grade.

Conroast process

The ConRoast process removes sulphur from metal sulphide concentrates prior to smelting in a DC arc furnace that uses an iron alloy to capture PGMs, nickel, copper and cobalt.

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